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http://www.dib.tku.edu.tw/img.php?img=552_7493e4c1.jpg&dir=archive      Now that the world is a global village, the main need of the market is those people who have the vision, understanding and information of how to survive and excel in this so called “village”. We are living in a new era of endless global competition. The International Business is a prestigious department, known for its selectivity and demanding curriculum. As the International Business Department, this is our mission to prepare our students to the demanding and continuously changing market conditions so that they can be important players in this environment. Especially, based on our excellent programs, our department has been the cradle of academic and business leaders in various fields, such as International Management, International Business Strategy, International Marketing, International Finance, and International Trade, for over 50 years.

        We offer undergraduate and graduate degrees. Our department has the largest and finest faculty group as a single department. International business means to develop your business by overcoming differences in language, values, and political systems in a constantly changing economic environment. To ensure that students develop the competence to play a role in such a dynamic environment, the Department fosters fundamental abilities to understand corporate issues in the global market environment, as well as international communication abilities.

     We have a variety of international courses providing a global perspective on all the main business disciplines, including marketing, human resources management, finance, accounting, supply chain management and trade. By providing students with a practical and useful education, it is our goal to nurture a new generation of leaders to inspire others to generate creative, integrative and ethical solutions to the global challenges of the 21st century. We strive to equip our students not only with a broad knowledge of management but also with skills and attitudes that are most in demand: analytical, communication, and team skills; ethical decision-making and judgment; and an entrepreneurial outlook.

          There are many opportunities for learning outside the classroom which are available - class projects which allow students to interact with local businesses doing business internationally. Students may get the chance to work on such projects as business plans or marketing research reports. A series of potential study abroad choices are available for summer, semester or a year from a wide range of different countries and universities within those countries.
We hope that you can start your dreams with us.

Chia-Chi Sun PhD.
Associate Professor and Chairman
Head of Graduate Institute and Department of International Business
Aug 01, 2018





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