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Host Activities for Alumni Association of Department of International Business

The Alumni Association of Department of International Business has made official application to Ministry of the Interior and established regulations and related rules. The Association host activities regularly to connect alumni. The Association also keep contact with alumni and collect advices to improve department.


In 2008, the department designed a satisfaction questionnaire for graduates to survey their feedbacks about courses, career counselling, services for graduates, etc. The survey results form an important basis for the improvement in curriculum design, software and hardware equipment and so on. The department will regularly conduct questionnaire to follow up the career development of graduates and their advices as reference for the department.



The department posts recruitments in our webpage. The posts have been verified by the department. Students can choose the posts that they are interested in.


Goal of Conductor Project of Tamkang University

1.      Goal of Conductor Project

A.          Fresh graduates are divided into group before graduation and talks with conductors.

B.          In respond to the Ministry of Education, graduates answer the questionnaires online after they graduate 1, 3, and 5 years.

C.          Keep tracking the employment of graduates and the satisfaction degree of their employers.

D.         Invite members who have graduated over 10 years to come back to the university and attend gathering with faculty and students and alumni reunions.


2.      Conductor Project

A.          Group: Fresh graduates will be divided into groups (trains) with 5-9 members each and 1 conductor.

B.          Mentor: keep contact with conductors and tracking the employment of members and provide assistance and counseling.

C.          Conductor: the contact window between the mentor and group members. The conductor report to the mentor the employment of group members and pass along the information of the department to group members.

D.         Group member: update contact info at the online system of graduate of Tamkang University and answer the questionnaires.

E.          Chair of the Department: push the conductor system

F.           Dean: supervise the conductor system in each department

G.         Office of Alumni Services & Resources Development: integrate opinions of all colleges and departments to provide improvement plan for the President. Assist the conductor system by applying online resources and technologies.


Beside the conductor system, the Department also have event leader to guarantee the contact with our alumni in case that the department lose contact with the conductor of a certain group because he go abroad or other reasons. In responding to related activities hosted by the university or with supportive resources in the future, the department will organize the reunion of alumni every 5 or 10 years to strengthen the bond between alumni and students.



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