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Chinese Curriculum Notice for Second Semester of 2020-2021

Poster:蔡鈺瀅Post date:2021-02-02
 1. Before you register any Chinese language course, please consult your department first. Not all credits from Chinese language courses will count as graduation credits. However, your grade from these courses will still be counted as part of your GPA even they are not counted as graduation credits.

2.  Note that class time conflict is not allowed. Please confirm your class time table before submit this form.

3. Please fill out page 2 and submit this form to Ms. Eva Lee, Office of International and Mainland Students Guidance Section, (T1001) before 4 p.m., March 4th, 2021 (Thursday).

4. In the case that a student’s language proficiency is sufficient, the instructor will suggest you drop the course.  
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