Spring 2023 Petition for Required Courses or Credits Overload in the Undergraduate Program and Master Program Period

Poster:PAI, NAI-YIPost date:2023-02-14


1. Students are supposed to adjust the courses firstly at Add-and-Drop Adjustment Period on Curriculum Online System: https://www.ais.tku.edu.tw/elecos/ 

2.Online Petition Application is for the students who failed from adjusting the courses at Add-and-Drop Adjustment Period.
The courses petition can be enrolled only by 
Web access.
Online Enrollment System: https://www.ais.tku.edu.tw/RPT_ELE

3.Open hours for petitioning for required courses
    Seniors, 5th Graders and Postgraduates: Tues., Feb.21, 12:30 ~ Wed., Mar.1 , 16:00

    Juniors: Wed., Feb.22 , 12:30 ~ Wed., Mar.1 , 16:00
    Sophomores: Thur., Feb.23 , 12:30 ~ Wed., Mar.1 , 16:00 
    Freshmen: Fri., Feb.24 , 12:30 ~ Wed., Mar.1 , 16:00  

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